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Okay, I have a genuine question for everyone: how do you feel about these journals? I'm only asking because I've thought about how this might seem like just a big blanket way to just say "thank you" to everyone for all of their wishes and gifts rather than do it individually. I don't know if I'm just thinking too hard about this or what, but I do want to show that this is at least an acknowledgment to show that I do pay attention to what you guys send me and I am genuinely grateful for it. I just don't have the kind of time I used to to reply to everyone. I don't know what you all think but hey, that's what the comments are for, right?

In all seriousness thought, thanks to all of you for the great birthday wishes. Since my last "thank you" journal my popularity really seemed to grow and bloom to heights I didn't even imagine possible back when I opened my DA account again back in 2011. I mean, as of right now, I'm being watched by 1,092 people, which is just crazy to me! Last year I was gushing about how lucky I felt to break the 500 mark, but blowing past the four digit mark is just insane, and this more than anything tells me that I MUST be doing something right to have so many of you sticking by and following the work of a 23-year-old college loser who loves cartoons. Seriously though, I can't stress enough how much I love and appreciate all of you for putting up with me for another long twelve months. Things are only going to get bigger and more ambitious, though, last year I started a fanfic that didn't wrap until April of this year, which was a pretty big thing to do aside from just regular fanart. This year, something even bigger will finally make it's long-awaited debut, and it will be AWESOME.

Just before getting to the BIG project news, I will do the same thing I've done for the last two birthday journals and share the gallery of awesome pics made even more awesome people, though just before that I also want to plug in my birthday stream.

If hearing a bunch of guys talking about random BS is the kind of thing that strikes your fancy, then this is the Hangout for you! I really want to thank everyone who participated on the stream. So thanks a lot to :icontheartsnob:, :iconbladedge:, :iconclxcool:, :iconjde10:, :iconmasterberry:, :iconmt3spark: for co-hosting the stream! It was a lot of fun, you guys all delivered a lot of great input, you're all great to talk to, and also incredibly funny and entertaining, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time out to participate on this silly little event, as well as all of my regular Sunday streams. Thank you all, so very much! :D

Alright, now for this year's birthday gallery! All of the awesome gifts include...

[PREVIEW] Three's NOT a Crowd! by TheSharkMaster

Three's NOT a Crowd

Oooh boy, a naughty little piece by my good friend :iconthesharkmaster: featuring my very own Danny Hazard with two of his hottest OCs, Shelly the Shark Mom, and Lola Frostki. I'm not going to say what it's about in here, but I can say it's incredibly hot, and it's nice to see that little blue pup getting something good coming his way! ;D

Gift: Kyle Hazelnut by TonyYorkieSilky1991

Kyle Hazelnut

This is a cute little piece of my newest nutty creation, Kyle Hazelnut, as done by :icontonyyorkiesilky1991:. Thank you very much! Kyle looks really cute here, and I love how he has that really adorable smile on his face. :D

Bridget by Airi-Ookami


This sweet little pic of Bridget Benson was done by a good friend of mine that I know in real life, :iconairi-ookami:, who did this wicked rendition of Bridget as a feral skunk... while keeping her goggles. :meow: Also, who are you calling "loser"? Just because I don't comment that much doesn't mean that I don't read the descriptions, you know! :B

Gift: The Hazzard Family by RockyToonzComics

The Hazard Family

This awesome piece was done by :iconrockytoonzcomics:, who did a really kickass job with the Hazard family. Seriously man, these guys look really, really cool in your style, and you did amazing at capturing their personalities here, from the dorky but cute Danny, to the total beef landmass that is Cassius, to the cool goofball that is Jackson, to the sweet mom that is Gretchen- absolutely nailed them, and I'm also really happy that you like these guys so much. This is a really great piece of them! :D

Noah O. Possum by MT3spark

Noah O. Possum

This one wasn't a birthday gift, but I felt like sharing it here because... well, it's still a gift, and a very nice one at that. Done by another really cool real-life friend of mine, :iconmt3spark:. Noah looks absolutely great in your style, and the shading and coloring looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the great take on Dot City's #1 cowgirl! :D

I really can't say enough good things about all of this awesome work! Thank you, thank you, thank you, everybody! If you made a gift pic for me and I didn't share it here, please do kindly let me know, and I'll update the journal to show it off here. And I know there's some people that sent me gifts over on FurAffinity that I didn't mention here, but that's because... they're for FurAffinity! I'll mention them there! ;D

Now that I covered the gallery, I can announce my big projects for the year. There's three of them, and this is the order on which they'll start up (though I'll still work on all three at once).

1. Go! Go! Hypergrind: Take Two!

This project has already been kicked off by delivering updated designs to the main competitors, but that won't be all of it. I will also draw concept designs for all of the skate tracks featured in the game, and finally end it off with a good, ol'-fashioned instruction manual. Yeah, remember those? Back before you downloaded them digitally you got this big pamphlet of info inside the disk telling you all about the game? Well, that'll be the final step for this made up sequel to a non-existing video game, which is a pretty cool way to wrap things up if you ask me. ;D

2. By Your Side

Now, I know what you're thinking: "But I thought that project was over!" It is! The written part for it, that is, but that's not all I had in mind for this fanfic. There will be illustrations to go along with it, including a character line-up featuring the main, secondary, AND spoiler characters featured in the fanfic, an update to the cover of the fanfic, covers for ALL of the chapters, and maybe some illustrations for some of the highlights of the fanfic. I also thought about adding one final chapter, one that doesn't really have anything to do with the story but more of a long detailing of my writing process when it came to actually writing the project, how everything went in the writing stages, some of the blunders that I suffered along the way, all the way to the completed fanfic that is there right now. All to just make it a bit more "official" as it may. ;D

3. Timeless:

This is the big one. For those of you that have followed me from my very first account will know that this has been my dream project for an entire DECADE, and now it's the time for this project to finally come to fruition. Part of it has already started with updated designs of the characters in a brand new line-up, but that's only the beginning. There is SOOOOO much I have planned for this project that you all have no idea just how much more Timeless will be clogging up your notifications. After the line-up, the next thing will be another line-up for the secondary characters, followed by concepts of some of the most important objects in the series, followed by a teaser poster, which will then be followed by a proper pilot comic to set the series in motion, before officially taking off in mid-November. It seems like a long time from now, but we're almost halfway done through the year, and I have a LOT of work to do. Trust me, it will be BIG.

It sure does sound like I have a lot on my plate, and that's just three big projects, that's not even including things like my commissions, other fanart, my Weekly Sketch challenge, other gift art, and more. AAAAAND I will also be finishing with college this year, so 2017 will be a very, very, VERY big year for ya boi Danny, but it should be also a lot of fun, very productive, and full of so much new stuff that I think will take BluMoonToons even bigger heights than before. Though I have to thank you all for your support and loyalty. I do feel very grateful to proudly say that I have a good following, especially with all of you being very kind, respectful, and (most of all, especially for me) patient. I probably don't say this enough, but I feel lucky to have all of you watch my progress as a novice startup trying to hit big, but also enjoying everything I do.

One last thing, I do have a Patreon: While it's not very big, and it's just really more of a glorified tip jar than anything else, I didn't ever plan for it to be like a paywall to keep all of you from seeing work. No, my work will still be free, and you'll pretty much have access to 95% of it. My patrons all get mainly alternate versions to pics I've done before, and now they'll be getting a few new exclusive pics peppered here and there as monthly rewards, but I assure you I will not hold anything hostage for anyone if for no other reason than I can't really afford to do that. so you're welcome to be a patron, and if not that's cool too. It's not a solid way for me to make any profit to support my lifestyle or anything let alone pay for all of my college fees, but any little bit helps.

That's all, for real now. Thank you all for reading, and I'll see you all next time! :D

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